Adapting to Change using NLP

Change is the only constant experienced by every living and non-living beings or things. The difficulty here is (this applies to human beings), to move thorough these changes, with ease and fluidity so that we are able to internalize them and get better with each change.

If one wants to survive and live a great life, one has to be open and flexible enough to accept the challenges that come with change. How do we do that? Start adapting to the change immediately. Do it in style. No excuses. Which process can help you have this mindset? What better than NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming). This amazing technique and science not only opens up doors of your subconscious mind by equipping you with a vast and versatile set of skills,tohelp you move through the change, with greater awareness, ease and fluidity.

NLP, this science  is not only interesting in its approach of understanding how our mind works in the background, but also how we can become more aware and sensitive toothers subconscious thinking processes and gain a greater understand how and why others think, act and behave,the way they do. When we gain this knowledge, we can understand change, people and human excellence to the greatest degree possible leading us to understand a lot more about our mind and how it works and what it can make possible.  Not only this, NLP techniques help us to understand other people’s minds too.  This knowledge can help us to understand others better, be great negotiators, help in decision making and bring others to our way of thinking which will aid in helping others adapt to changing situations.

Yesterday I was Clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am Wise, so I am changing myself.”…..Rumi

Can Change be overlooked?

No.  Change is definite.  It will happen whether we want it or not.  Whether we are prepared or not.  Whether we try to overlook it or not.  It will happen. Change could come in many ways, sizes, shapes, situations, people and so on. You could get fired without even a day’s notice, a competitor could just walk away with your project, you might win a bumper lottery, some personal loss.  Many of these changes turn our lives upside down and we are left standing there, with our mouths open, not knowing what to do. Then we look for solutions. And believe me it’s there, very strong, very powerful, and it’s NLP.

NLP teaches ushow weshould choose to look at and deal with change, in a manner that would only be progressive. It also changes our beliefs, steering it towards welcoming change and start our journey towards a successful and fulfilling life.

Few tools NLP uses to factor change into our lives

  • Presuppositions

NLP have a set of ground rules known as NLP presuppositions that form the base for the technology to get the real outcome from NLP. These presuppositions are beliefs of excellence collected from successful people from all walks of life through the NLP technique called as modeling. Whatever beliefs and habits have given positive results to successful people can be patterned and reproduced. One of the beliefs of excellence are that successful people are open to change, allow it into their lives and move forward.

Neuro-linguistic programming works on how a person thinks, feels, act and behave which allows him to produce results that would either take him to great heights or leave him mediocre.  The change techniques and tools NLP uses is designed for participants to achieve peak performance, overcome fears and phobias, build rapport and unstoppable confidence.With so much going for you, adapting to change would be a piece of cake.

  • Behavioral Change

Our Attitude changes our Thoughts to change our Behavior which motivates our Actions and gets us the Results we want.

Human beings are social animals, always on a look out for what they can gain or achieve. NLP knows our Psychological core. When there is a need, any human being will be adaptive and accepting.  NLP techniques brings out these reactions in an effective manner paving the way for positive intentions and behaviors which will allow a person to adaptwell to change and allow it into their lives. When we see these intentions and behaviors as a positive influence, we are able tolook atthe change as a positive factor rather than something that could cause upheaval.

Also, if a change occurs, NLP brings another presupposition that we are resourceful.  We have all the resources required to handle any change that occurs.

  • Mirroring

If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it

This is mirroring or positive copy catting. Every person is created with the same amount of abilities and resourcefulness.  Our upbringing, limiting factors, our environment, etc. brings about feelings of inadequacy, fear and resistance.  Mirroring – which forms the foundation of NLP, wherein individuals observe successful people’s habits and behaviors and then mimic them into their lives to gain a similar advantage. This has always been there only different names were given to it like idol worship, succession and so on. Successful individuals for centuries have modeled successful predecessors.

  • Mind Talk

The most important and required, non-negotiable trait to welcome and adapt to change is mind talk. When you continuously form a habit of communicating positive intentions through positive and affirmative communication, you live it. Similarly, when the communication is constantly negative, in one form or the other, whether intentional or not, it seeps its way into our mind, enabling limiting behaviors and thoughts. 

NLP teaches us the right kind of communication with our mind (Positive, affirmative communication) that will remove our negative and limiting scripts and replace them with positive and affirmative conversations.

To conclude:

NLP is a brilliant, powerful and humble science that if used in the right manner can change, people, businesses and organizations. By enabling participants and teaching NLP strategies applications, a coach or trainer can help people and organizations, adapt to change in a manner which causes the least stress and allow the change to fit in with ease, with very little challenges

Once Your Mindset Changes, Everything on the Outside will Change with it!….Steve Maraboli

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