Become a Powerful Life Coach – NLP Shows You How

Who is a Life Coach and what can they do for me?  This is one relevant question that people put forth, which any person who wants to be a coach must be familiar with.

If you ALLOW them, a qualified Life Coach can take your life from Good to Great.

Imagine having the power to change someone’s life. Imagine having the power to change your own life first. We all have aspirations.  We all want something out of life.  We all want to be successful, in all spheres of life, be it financial, professional, personal or emotional. But very few of us know how to get there.

These are the results that a Life Coach can bring forth in a person’s life. As aLife Coach, you will help your client get into the best possible mental state to achieve their goals with the right approach.

We are aware that the mind is the key any success we achieve in life. To the extent that, if our mind is not ready or prepared, then even having a great strategy won’t help us succeed.  A Life Coach gives us this vision and help us have the right mindset to implement the strategies we design and gain the desired results.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

By definition, a life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, and counseling, mentoring and administering therapy.

But this is not the limit. Especially if the Life Coach is a certified NLP practitioner and has the required experience and knowledge to his credit.With the help of various NLP tools and strategies, a Life Coach can help identify poor thoughts and behaviors, break negative and limiting patterns, and push to meet and exceed desired results.

A coach would help their clientsfora specific requirement or an overall perspective. They follow tried and tested means and methods to derive solutions to achieve certain outcomes. They do this by analyzing their clients’ current situation, a SWOT analysis of sorts, to arrive at desired solutions systematically.

How you can make lives better by becoming a Powerful Life Coach?

A Life Coach can help clientsin the following Life areas:

  • Help Clients gain clarity of purpose – Help clients set clear and focused goals and objectives that will radically change their liveswith short term and long term benefits.  This is mainly done by Identifying, clarifying and creating a vision for what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client’s self-discovery and growth – Remove beliefs and blocks that are sabotaging clients from knowing and bringing out their REAL powerful self, which is limitless
  • Help clients achieve their health & fitness goals – A healthy mind and a healthy body, both are required to achieve success. As a coach you are committed to push your clients and make them accountable for staying healthy and start living the life they want.
  • Help clients be better professionals, and better leaders– Foster clients accountability to increase self-productivity. Break limiting behavior and gain required skills to communicate, interact, persuade and inspire others.
  • Making an important life transition – Change is the only constant, but many times it is difficult to start he journey of change. As an experienced Life Coach, you can prepare your client for change, by bringing out their reservoir of acceptance, courage, awareness, passion and confidence
  • Help clients grow their business – By working on relevant behavioral modifications, a Life Coach can help clients step out of their comfort zones and drive sales & profits

NLP tools and strategies are very effective in Life Coaching.  If we look at it, any traditional process views past as a problem. NLP views it differently. In NLP, the past of a person is used as a framework to understand a person thoroughly in order to construct his future. An experienced Life Coach uses the information as a tool to create the change in their client with the aid of NLP Techniques like Dissociation, Content Reframing, Anchoring, Rapport, Influence and Persuasion.

To conclude:

By making some relevant changes, big and small, in their present life, a Life Coach will move them forward, maneuvering their clients with ways and means, with the ultimate aim of realizing positive goals in their personal and professional life. What the client need is, some motivation and encouragement to reach a specific goal, whicha Life Coach provides through relevant material in theform ofstrategy, process, exercises, and overall accountability thus enabling the transformation needed to help clients re-discover themselves and initiate the much required positive change in their lives and live a life which is more balance and fulfilled.

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