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What is NLP?

Do you find it hard to change your habits? There is an internal framework of beliefs behind your day to day actions. It is hard to change your habits if you never change the underlying beliefs that led to your past behavior. Take a moment and think, what led you to build the habits that you want to change about yourself? Why do you find it difficult to change the habits that are not serving you to move forward in life? Well, our mind gets conditioned by the repeated actions we take in our life. Have you observed cigarette smokers? When they try to quit smoking, they try their level best. However, it takes a lot of effort and willpower for them to change the habit, or they struggle with it throughout their life.

Changing behavior and bad habits require you to understand the nature of your mind. Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is not only a framework for us to know how the mind works at the level of the subconscious but also helps in installing the behaviors driven by excellence in every sphere of life. Life is full of chaos. Every day is a challenge at times. You can learn to eliminate the behavior that is keeping you stuck in any aspect of your life through NLP techniques. You will be able to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs in our Best NLP Programs in Dubai.

What areas of life can change through an NLP program in Dubai?

First of all, NLP training empowers you with mental clarity. A clear mind aids you in making effective decisions in all areas of your life. Effective decisions lead to better choices leading to a life you will thank yourself for. NLP training works at the level of the subconscious mind. So, if you are struggling with negative states of mind, which is nothing but conditioned thinking, you will significantly benefit from NLP to reach the desired level of mental and emotional well being. NLP workshops are used by people to reach their personal and professional goals. Let’s look at some specific areas where NLP coaching makes a difference.

NLP in relationships:

Building relationships is crucial for attaining success in any field. If you are struggling to build personal and professional relationships, there can be various factors at play. Are you taking responsibility for your behavior? Are you choosing the right perspective in communication? Do you struggle to bring the right kind of influence through the choice of your words? Everyone’s communication depends on the filters of long-held values, beliefs, expectations, and experiences. Choosing to communicate based on other people’s behavior, filters and perspective is essential. We fail to recognize nonverbal cues like body language or silence in certain situations.

In NLP training programs in Dubai, you learn to change your communication internally with yourself and learn to communicate effectively with others according to their behavior and personality. Communication is a skill. When we an argument with a boss or fight with our spouse, we often end up wanting to get our point across. It is important to recognize the barriers to effective communication. Have you observed sales professionals, how much importance do they give in understanding their customers? Similarly, we need to learn to respond rather than reacting to any situation in life. The right kind of NLP training can help you enhance your personal and professional communication with others.

NLP for peak performance:

The basic premise of NLP training is that excellence in any field can be copied and taught to everyone who wishes to reap the benefits. The founders of NLP Mr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder focused all their attention on studying the mental models of elite performers in their respective fields and bringing the best behaviors and winning attitudes to others. Have you ever wondered why some people attain a fantastic level of success in their field irrespective of their adverse situations while others find themselves stuck in their life even when the situation is in their favor? You learn to build the right behavior, attitude and mindset hack through NLP techniques to align your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions to achieve your goals with a heightened sense of awareness within a time frame. Hiring NLP coaches has become very popular in today’s hyper-competitive world.

NLP for depression and anxiety:

People who struggle to deal with past trauma, depression, and anxiety find amazing relief through NLP coaching, NLP uses techniques of cognitive therapy and hypnosis to identify the stressors which are responsible for depression and anxiety. You are then taught to change your response by changing the way you feel about the stressor or a past memory. Techniques of anchoring are used according to the situation. This change happens at the level of your subconscious mind. NLP techniques are directed towards treating the cause so that the response towards it changes permanently. That’s why NLP is very successful in speeding your recovery mechanism in response to depression.

NLP at work

What are the issues an employee faces at work? You can say, productivity, working in teams, reporting to your boss, managing deadlines, dealing with the competition are some of the key issues one faces at work. Decentralized office culture is susceptible to office politics and distortion in communication amongst employees.

Each employee’s workplace experience can be different based on his perception. It is important to make employees self-aware and align their behavior in line with the organizational objectives. Our NLP training programs have a focus on executive coaching. NLP methods have a great deal of impact in building rapport between employees in a team. Employees can use NLP coaching to master productivity and time management. You can communicate better and learn to resolve conflicts at the workplace.

A highly productive work environment with ambitious and happy employees is the dream of any employer.  Employers greatly benefit from business coaching to make their business processes efficient and effective. The best example can be NLP sales training. Employers have found great results in improving the communication and persuasion skills of their sales team members. This, in turn, works wonders in better customer engagement and retention.

Why is ICF accreditation important with regard to NLP training Program in Dubai?

What is the significance of accreditation in any training course? We look at accreditation while choosing the right education in school and college. We look for regulatory approvals and quality benchmarks in choosing the right product also. We have a six sigma certification in business process management too. In life, while choosing anything, there is no shortage of options.

Therefore, accreditation and benchmarking are vital as it signifies a standard level of acceptable quality. When you are taking a program in life coaching and mind training, you are going to learn something that has the potential to transform your mind. Any training that has the potential to influence your mind should be chosen based on the best parameters.

ICF accreditation is the gold standard for NLP training in the coaching industry. ICF certified NLP courses assure you of the quality, structure, curriculum, and experience of the lead NLP trainer conducting the NLP training program in Dubai. ICF certified NLP workshops give you the best exposure to NLP training. ICF certification becomes all the more critical if you are looking to venture into a career in the coaching industry. You will access to global professional opportunities and better income earning potential. Employers generally prefer ICF certified NLP coaches when looking to engage them for training

Why choose UV consultants for undertaking the Best NLP Programs in Dubai?

We have a passionate team of professionals looking to bring transformation in your life. NLP is a personal development tool that everyone must benefit from. Whether you are a student, housewife, a working professional, or someone looking to make a career as an NLP coach, Our NLP training program is curated to meet everyone’s needs.

We have the best training modules and offer a very conducive learning environment. Our NLP courses are ICF certified and are conducted according to global benchmarks.

The success of any coaching program depends on the quality and experience of the lead NLP trainer. This is where it gets really exciting. Our lead trainer, Mr. VikramDhar, has won many awards and accolades in the NLP coaching industry.

Not long ago, he was working with IBM in the IT industry. He attended one training program in NLP that changed the course of his career and life. He has got training from the best NLP coaches and executive trainers in the world. He has attended workshops conducted by Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the founders of NLP)

We invite you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Who knows, just like Mr. VikramDhar, you will also find more fulfilling and rewarding life.

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