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Influencing human behaviour; enabling core transformation

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What makes people successful? What do they do differently than others that lead to their success? How do they work on a thinking, emotional, behavioural, conscious and unconscious level that could be different from others. NLP demystifies the success strategies that are used by highly effective and successful people. This science teaches you techniques of how to mirror these custom patterns which make people successful and use it to make our lives more purposeful.

NLP works on the core belief that every person has the ability to reach their full potential. It is only the negative and self-defeating patterns fed into us by ourselves, the society and circumstances from an early age that stops us from believing in us and stops progress in the way it should be. NLP is an effective enabling methodology, much more than other conventional methods, as it works on our Psyche at a conscious and unconscious level, to bring out the best results in us, that we deserve, to lead a better life.

NLP’s Certified Life Coaching program uses specific techniques, patterns, communication tools, customized to suit client needs. Our coaching sessions will gives you the ability and flexibility to design techniques that you could use to help clients resolve issues of the past, negative beliefs and actions that were limiting them and activate their brain with more fruitful beliefs to achieve a successful and satisfying life. The NLP coaching works on the modalities that tapers more towards achievement of life goals, with a focus on life management.

– Benefits of Certified Life Coaching

As a Leadership Coach, a Relationship Coach, a Career Coach, a Wellness Coach, a Parenting Coach, what you can do for yourself and for your clients would be:

  • Influence outcomes of situations both personally and professionally
  • Increase levels of Sensitivity and Communication in every situation
  • Enable an innermost Shift at a Conscious and Un-conscious level
  • Learn to deal more effectively and resourcefully with ‘difficult’ people, ‘difficult situations’ and ‘conflicts’
  • Cultivate winning habits that are consistent with highly successful people
  • Acquire more resourceful ways to communicate that enables breaking down unconscious resistance to new ideas
  • Develop a natural charisma, communication and leadership that is captivating and compelling
  • Achieve set goals and targets in a more confident and fruitful manner

Launch an exciting career with this core certification. Our CLC program is ICF approved and grooms you for an exciting global career in coaching. With EQ and IQ playing a huge role in human management, becoming a life coach, will professionally train you to provide emotional support, a listening heart and ear with unconditional compassion.

Careers as a Life Coach

  • Work with a global MNC in an enviable position of Life Coach to the Senior Management
  • Get certified as a Life Coach and start your own therapy, personal empowerment, leadership or business empowerment Workshops and Seminars
  • Set up your own practice, in your home country or anywhere in the world
  • Get a niche specialization with clients in areas such as divorce, relationship break-up, critical disease, addictive habits, wellness and health issues
  • Achieve higher levels of personal and emotional excellence

To benefit from this ICF accredited training, simply contact us. We will be more than happy to help.