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become a certified coach

As Albert Einstein says “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” That’s what we all want. To be better then what we are, in all our life spheres – personal, professional, financial, emotional, spiritual and more. But, can we do it alone? Do we need a guiding hand, a Coach?

Who is a Coach? Is it a new concept, which took birth not so long ago? Why would one need a coach? Why cannot a person live life as it comes along? Let’s understand how as a coach, we are given an opportunity to make a positive change in another person’s life, thus making the world a much better place to live in.

I was reading an article about coaching and its benefits. Let me sum up the article in a short para.

A coach helps a person make MORE sense of sense, to lead a better life, to run a better business or profession, in a more prosperous and satisfying manner, and I don’t just mean money and success. There is also peace, a higher sense of attainment, prosperity and the knowledge of how to deal with whatever comes our way, in the right manner.

Having said this, let us go back to the rest of the questions I started this blog with. Is it a new concept? No. If you look back, coaches were always present, since centuries, in the form of sages, gurus, prophets, philosophers, guides, advisors, and so on. These personalities were coaches in some form or the other who would guide rulers, and eminent personalities who went on to do great things on this planet. They were the guiding light who lead these personalities to shine and succeed in life.

As time went by, and with a lot more awareness that education and demands the current business scenario brought with it, coaching got a lot more structured. Results was the key word, that one looked for – in both business and as individuals. Coaches nowadays, are trained to conduct workshops and use tools that are much more effective in getting the desired results at a faster pace than before.

Coaches coach human beings + human beings build satisfying businesses and satisfying lives = success in life, success at work, organisational success.

Human beings are born with different personalities. Nature has made it so. With these personalities come different behaviours, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, and so on. We collectively don’t follow a typical pattern in anything we do. To add to it, our mannerisms, understanding, likes, dislikes, all change with age and phases of life we are in. That is why we are called human beings, not robots programmed to behave in a specific manner. Human beings are not similar in their success quotient too. Be it in any area of their lives. Some excel, some don’t. Some adapt, some don’t. Some learn, some don’t. And there are some who are neither here nor there. Some just don’t have the potential. Really? Is it true?

It definitely isn’t! Every human being is born with certain strengths. These strength or potential, can be nurtured in the right manner to make that being, successful. Human beings can be moulded in a certain manner to achieve success. But for this to happen, we need the right helping hand. If we do some research, we will see many successful personalities at some point or other, but majorly at a crucial phase in life, have found a helping hand, a pusher, a guide – A COACH, who created a way, a path to make them successful, to reach their potential and succeed.

So what does a COACH do? Or, what would YOU do as a Coach?

THIS IS POWERFUL – You would do some interesting things with our lives. You would make sense of our so called sensible lives. You would lead us to a definite change and DIFFUSE THE INTENT TO CHANGE.

A Coach and his/her coaching can:

  • Create positive change and achieve extraordinary results in people

  • Coaching benefits people in their personal relationships

  • Coaching benefits people in their professional sphere

  • Peoples’ sense of awareness and satisfaction in life increases

  • Coaching helps people manage their lives better

  • Enhances understanding, sensitivity, empathy, open outlook

  • Provides a platform for meaningful service to the world

  • Results of coaching: better people, thus better lives, better organisations, better world

Opportunities an ICF Certified Coach can avail of:

Being different is the quality that make human beings an interesting subject of discussion, trying to understand the WHYs and HOWs of human behaviour. Having mastered this art, one can begin a coaching journey that is not only fulfilling but lucrative too. The best of both worlds.

Opportunities that can come your way once you are a certified coach, accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation):

  • Earn a recognised certification credential that will hold weightage and meet client expectations as a coach

  • Start your own Coaching and Mentorship business

  • Tie up with multi-nationals to coach leadership and bring about marked changes in persons and processes

  • Experience financial stability, occupation stability and work satisfaction

Being a Coach is one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers of today. Ready to start this incredible journey?


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