Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner


Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

(ICF approved)

Our workshop makes you fully equipped to handle your clients more productively. Whether it is goal setting or taking action steps towards them, decision making using your default talents and inner potential, emotional intelligence gets you better outcomes. This workshop will help participants take on all coaching assignments, individual and group coaching effortlessly, through the tools, coaching structure and coaching procedure them would be learning and imbibing at the session. The session will facilitate learning and assimilation of concepts through peer to peer interaction.

This program which explores the nuances of Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience makes you an Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner which is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and competencies of ICF Core Coaching.

Program Content

Day One

Understanding EI
Core Competencies of EI
Assessing EI Competency
EI Derailer detection tool
The Coaching Framework of EI
Emotions Vs Feelings, Building self-control
EI Coaching Tools for coaching oneself and others

  • Being more Self-aware
  • Emotional Regulation through Affect Labeling
  • Awareness through Shuttling exercise
  • Cognitive Reappraisal
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Understanding Emotion and Reason
  • Reframing technique
  • Listing Possibilities
  • Practicing Contextualization
  • How to build trust

Day Two

Coaching through Emotional Auditing and Neuroscience mapping
Assessing Emotional Styles and Neural Correlation
Developing Neural pathways using Neuroscience awareness
Using Neuroscience for coaching enhancement
Coaching using the braking system of the brain

Who will benefit:

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is relevant in all life situations, be those domestic or professional. This workshop is open to all participants above 18 years of age and adds value to Students, Working Professionals from any domain or industry, Homemakers, HR and L&D Professionals, Counsellors or Therapists, Coaches or Trainers, Parents, Entrepreneurs and Social Service sector professionals

Course Benefits

  • Being aware of Moods and Mood swings, Emotions and Feelings, Negative patterns
  • Establishing meaningful Interpersonal Connection
  • Dealing with Negative Pressures and Stressful situations
  • Improved personal and professional life with better cooperation
  • Improved Optimism & Resilience
  • Improved Self-control and Self-regulation
  • Consistency in actions – Self-motivation
  • Mindfulness that helps to choose better
  • Improve interpersonal relationship
  • Use EI tools in your professional career

Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

(ICF approved – 7 CCE hours)

NLP Coaching Academy holds the formal ICF Accreditation, and the course is delivered by
Mr. Vikram Dhar – Certified NLP Trainer, Licensed Meta-NLP Trainer and ICF Mentor Coach.

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