How Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you in Business

A Business is efficiently run with the help of competent and efficient employees, well-oiledinfrastructure and a great communication system.  If any one or more in this setgetsdisturbed or becomes dysfunctional, the everyday working of the business can go topsy-turvy resulting in huge losses.

Every business aims at getting better in creating an environment where teamsare effective, communication channels are powerful, company make huge amount of sales, negotiate better business, manage conflicts, motivate teams to share company vision and so many other aspects to make your business viable. One of the best tools to help you in this journey of excellence is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), learning and strategies which willnot only enhance your business environment,but will help you sustain the changes effectively. 

NLP is being used by many leading companies to bring in the desired change as part of their training and capability building initiatives, and is testament to the efficacy of the techniques and approach used with participants.

What is NLP? Is it a science, a tool or a strategy?  It is all Three.  A science because it deals with the power of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Tools and Strategies are the means and methods with which the science is applied and results achieved.

NLP which is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a mind tool and that’s exactly what it does. Through the use of language and body language it enables practitioners to change thoughts and feelings of themselves and those around them in a predictable way. It allows for more effective communication of a message by enabling people to shift to receptive and enabling emotional states, as well as getting the essence of the message across.

NLP can also be defined as a modeling approach that offers a toolkit of approaches for dealing with life’s opportunities and challenges. It is a very practical discipline, concerned with bringing results into the real world.

How can NLP Help in Business?

An NLP Practitioner is able to study what an individual is doing at both the conscious and the unconscious levels, it can help replace unhelpful/limiting or destructivebehaviors with another more useful or constructive behaviors. The areas in business it could help majorly are:

  • Internal Communications

The importance of developing Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence has been seen by many top companies worldwide. NLP approaches have been known to reprogramcommunication and sensitivity related concerns at a DNA level. NLP tools allow one to develop the right habits and thinking, use powerful language patterns to empower and make the most of the non-verbal sides of communication, use power words to get the desired response, replicate successful habits to derive successful outcomes. 

  • Build Leadership Skills

Developing successful habits to be a better performer, a better leader goes hand in hand with knowing how to run a successful empire. If leadership is about vision, management is about planning how to achieve that vision – It’s about doing what needs to be done effectively, efficiently and with a degree of certainty.  Two of the most important aspects for any business to run successfully are, right communication and right attitude. NLP gives you the skills to communicate and give feedback effectively, thus enabling your team to move forward.

NLP prepares you to be a Leader, set compelling objectives that will energize yourself and others. The tools and strategies of NLP allows you to present your viewpoint elegantly, with self-confidence using language skills that engage and motivate your employees, build good rapport with customers, colleagues and staff, understand people’s capabilities and thus improve your ability to delegate, diagnose organizational problems and decide successful interventions.

  • Build Presentation Skills

Presentation isn’t just about being confident. There are a whole lot of skills that go into making or giving an effective presentation. Presentation involves, but is not limited to, language skills, content, body language, the right attitude, confidence, posture, voice tonal quality and courageto deliver and build a connect and make your presentation memorable with your audience.

NLP can get you past fears with zero pain, and maximum fun. It takes out the fear of public speaking, reduces stress levels and enables a power packed performance. NLP can empower you with the right habits and attitude required to influence from the platform and create dramatic change in the lives of your listeners.

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

“I need more self-confidence” or “I am not as confident as I used to be”, are some of the feelings many people express. Confidence is a state of mind that is dependent on the context, and everybody knows how to be confident. Putting yourself down by saying that you are not confident simply doesn’t serve the purpose. NLP techniques will lead to enabling greater confidence and self-esteem, by removing limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your capabilities.

NLP can help you:

  • Overcome low confidence, destructive thought patterns and poor self esteem
  • Hone your senses to develop the necessary intuition, thus increasing your self-awareness
  • Modify the way in which you think, feel, and behave to achieve your primary life goals
  • Remove old habits and limiting behaviors, and replace them with new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Effectively gain more control over how you think, feel and behave
  • Apply your new found confidence in all areas of your life in a personal or a professional context

In conclusion:

Communication and Presentation skills are critical for any business.  Also, having the right team and team leaders go a long way in ensuring the company remains profitable. It thus makes sense to use any tool or application that can help bring about a radical change in the way we articulate our views and ideas, remain calm and focused in challenging situations and maximize our presence and capabilitiesin business negotiations. 

All these can be achieved by just changing our limiting beliefs about ourselves and situations and replace them with enablers.  This is exactly what NLP does.

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