How NLP can help you to be a Better Leader

What Is NLP ?

We love to hear and talk about leaders and leadership.  How the leaders become what they are, and the way they are has always intrigued us.  We all want to be as successful as them. Although we talk about leaders and leadership, have we ever tried to actually define or understand leadership? What makes a leader? What are the qualities and behaviors that separate them from the rest of the world? This is crucial knowledge for developing future leaders.

Who is a Leader?

Simply put, this quote explains this concept in a nutshell.

A Leader is one who Knows the Way; Goes the Way; and Shows the Way ….John C. Maxwell

A leader is someone who works with a vision and motivates people to achieve that vision. He knows how things can be improved in a critical situation. He knows how to make tough decisions and when required, be empathetic to the needs of his people.  Leaders become great not because they have the power but because of their ability to empower others. He empowers his team to do great things.  He creates future leaders. A true leader has the courage to stand by his team, at the same time guide his team towards growth and development.  Leaders are able to bring the team together to work as one entity to achieve any goals set out and make the vision a reality. 

Becoming a Leader is no easy task because of the many facets to this personality. But it is not impossible either. We all are or could become leaders given that we start to think, imbibe and behave in the manner a leader does. Some people have the notion that just being able to motivate people is enough to become a leader.  No, that is just a miniscule part of a leader’s personality. A leader’s personality has many layers, each layer necessary for the value he brings in, the path he creates, the people who he motivates and the vision that he achieves. 

Many businesses and business leaders have recognized the value that NLP brings to a variety of business activities including professional and personal development. What all Leaders have in common is their desire to better understand and support their teams to develop and to help them be the best they can be, more result oriented and focused. How can NLP ((Neuro-Linguistic Programming) help you become a better Leader?

What is NLP all about?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States, in the 1970s. NLP’s creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. In today’s business scenario, NLP has been described and vetted as the art and science of personal excellence – the study of what makes the difference between the excellent and the average. ‘Neuro’ relates to how we use our mind, ‘Lingustic’, is the verbal and non-verbal language we use, and ‘Programming’ our patterns of thinking and behavior.

NLP looks at patterns of behavior and whether they are helpful and bring about the desired results – and if they don’t we can change things to improve success. It is a tool for modeling excellence and being able to reproduce that excellence in ourselves and share it with others.Knowledge of NLP tools and strategies opens up new opportunities for continued leadership development, which is non-negotiable.

Leaders learn and gain actionable steps that help them address today’s complex leadership challenges and achieve tangible results.  They are able to develop the competencies crucial for success allowing them to create a leadership growth plan to tackle a real work challengesthey could face.

As a Leader, what could you gain with NLP?

Often people are unaware of their own hidden leadership development potential and how this potential remains dormant due to their unconscious choices and behavior. A qualified NLP practitioner is able to activate these latent qualities by way of simple modifications in their attitudes, behavior and communication.

  • NLPpractitioners canassist leaders get ahead of the line, by using advanced language patterns and physiology techniques to reveal the deeper structure of meaning that influences their beliefs, thoughts and behavior
  • NLP help you develop the fundamental skills of leadership; helps you learn to effectively communicate and inspire trust with people
  • Help you develop competencies, skills and  insights all of which are crucial for success
  • Discover and practice new techniques and strategies for current and future growth opportunities
  • Gain an increased sense of self-awareness which will enable to create a leadership growth plan to tackle a real work challenge you could be facing
  • Explore and alter negative patterns of behavior, remove limiting behaviorsand radically improve your ability to communicate effectively

The benefits of NLP leadership training do not end here. The skills you learn will filter into other areas of your life too. These interactive, leadership training programs offer compelling conversations, eye-opening insights, and actionable strategies for addressing the real-world challenges that matter most. The take away from such a program would be:

1. Practicing Self-restraint                                                             

A great leader is not reactive. Being calm under pressure is the sign of a great leader and people look up to such a person in moments of crisis for direction. NLP training will guide on how to self-reflect, work past personal emotional triggers, and develop the patience and courage required to work past such situations.

2. Walk the Talk

Effective leaders lead by example –for them their vision is not just jargon but followed by action and completion. And they inspire their people to do the same.NLP training gives you the tools to develop an action plan to steer the course in the right direction.

3. Giving the right motivation and inspiration

A great leader does not hesitate to commend or motivate his team when required. They lead with a high emotional quotient (EQ).No ego or attitude stops him from supporting his people whenthe need arises. This attitude can be developed with NLP training, wherein you develop a keen self-awareness and empathy to create an environment where your people can grow and thrive.

4.NLP allows you to think differently

Great leaders think differently, have different ideologies that enable them to see the world broadly and stay competitive in their business endeavors.  This kind of mindset is what is required to create excellence in today’s corporate climate.

Leadership is not a position or a title; it is action and example….Donald McGannon

People are often questioning if they have the capabilities in themselves to be a good leader. The crux of the matter is that, we all have the capacity and capabilities to be great leaders.  But action is what matters.  To become a leader is a journey. It’s the courage and conviction to fulfill this journey that separates the doers and who don’t.

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