Influencing Ourselves – with NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – an influencer? How? This would be a question many a person who do not know or is not introduced to this science would ask.

It is nothing but the truth that knowledge of the tools of NLP and how to use these tools to our advantage is a powerful, in business and in one’s life. One of the key uses would be to gain influence over other people, be it clients, vendors, peers, subordinates, in marketing, in sales, during meetings and so on. But first we have to influence ourselves.

Let me ask you few questions:

  • What if you could communicate in a way that enabled you to easily get your message across to people, at all different levels, of an organization?
  • What if you could motivate someone to do something the way you want it to be, just by your use of specific language patterns?
  • What if you could help people overcome their problems in order to make them more efficient and productive?

What if you were able to influence customer choices by communicating with them at an unconscious level so that they just get a good feeling about your product or service and accept your suggestions?

Difficult to believe, isn’t it? But, not impossible. NLP can help you do all of this. In this article we will know more about one technique that can be adopted to increase your confidence, power, and mental strength.

NLP practitioners use this as part of their tools and techniques in their coaching workshops, enabling people to rise to their full potential.

Everyone wants to be successful. But the road to success, as the saying goes, is littered with thorns, road-blocks and anything that would challenge any persons’ patience and capability. But, if a person is prepared and equipped with the understanding, tools and techniques, they are capable to make their way through all this clutter, and come out a winner

From childhood we have our dreams. We want to achieve this and that, become something in life. Whatever a person wants to be, the end result is, they want to be successful. Everyone loves success, because it is success that can bring joy and abundance into our lives. This pattern that we are going to know today is about fulfilling dreams. Just having dreams and aspirations is not enough. You must know how to decode it, map it to your thinking and behaving patterns and visualize it. It is important to understand that often the reason we don’t feel confident, powerful, or strong, is because we imagine that we are not good enough.

We are afraid of failures. That is the message we are giving our brain. The brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and experiencing. For instance, if you keep thinking negative about an outcome of a meeting that you are having the next day, the outcome will be negative because that is what you have been telling your brain all the time. That’s the conversation you have been having with your brain, and brain only understands communication. This same method can be used to bring about positive results.

This method is exactly how the Hologram Pattern works.

In this pattern you create a hologram of the “You” that is successful, the person you want to become. Successful, Confident, Powerful, Wealthy.

Imagine what you would look like? Make a hologram of yourself, make it larger than life and look at it. What you see in your Hologram, the feelings and expressions, body language would be displayed non- verbally in your body language, facial expressions, and voice and so on. We all have our role models, especially the successful ones. We want to one day be in their shoes. The Hologram method allows us to transform ourselves into that role model and adopt all of its qualities. Which means we want to transform ourselves into the Hologram we see of ourselves. The Hologram we create of our self becomes our reality. This NLP technique can easily be used with adults as well as children.

The ‘Hologram Method’ helps in transforming our relationship with ourselves and with others. The possibilities that NLP tools and techniques offer, if used in the right manner, is endless. It acts as a catalyst in helping us achieve our goals and fulfilling our dreams. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

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