NLP and the Entrepreneur

It’s Not Just About Ideas. It’s about turning these ideas into reality and nurturing the same towards success, come what may.

Entrepreneurship process begins with a business idea and the courage to put that idea into action. It is about designing, launching and running a new business, by taking on financial risks with the hope of making a profit.

Entrepreneurship, more often than not, starts as a small venture, either as a proprietary business or partnership business. The people who start these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

To be an entrepreneur, one has to understand and accept what comes with it in the form of challenges, ambiguity, dis-comfort. Entrepreneurs are challenged regularly, especially when it comes to raising capital for their business and getting new clients. An entrepreneur has to be ready for failures, pressures, and irrational demands of the business, even to the extent of wanting to give up because sometimes the odds of succeeding are dismal. What works for them and makes them successful is their unshake able belief in their dreams, unwavering focus on delivering value and their persistence.

Entrepreneurs, their business is their baby. They would test their limits;
leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are successful. Using their inherent intelligence, drive and hard work, entrepreneurs have contributed to national economies, industries, and markets in a large way. They drive innovations, have invented and developed new products, shaped organizations, and have brought in an influx of new technologies. Monopoly is nearly extinct now. Entrepreneurs are the shapers of the new world. They have forced the world to sit up and take notice, with innovations that have transformed society.

Their journey is not easy. Successes, failures, keeping up with various demands of the business, can take a toll on the entrepreneur if not handled in the right manner and mindset. Sometimes various challenges which come along can push through thought processes, thus creating limiting beliefs and other mental roadblocks which prevent entrepreneurs from achieving their full potential.

To achieve and retain consistent success it is important to have the right mindset to do business. It is important and imperative to have the right tools to aid this progression. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), is one such tool which can help us consciously take greater control of our lives and accomplish our goals. NLP tools have the abilities to help entrepreneurs remain calm during tough situations, achieve personal and business mastery, develop or enhance leadership abilities, improve communication thus improving business positions. The strength of NLP is that it help people tap into their own internal resources. It re-programs the mind into behaving in a manner which enables the person to excel personally and professionally. It helps in boosting confidence, enhances self-power and gives us the ability to achieve our goals.

Let’s explore few ways NLP can help achievements in Entrepreneurs:

  1. Helps manage Thoughts and Feelings:

With a focus on creating the right impact, whatever the situation may be, whether it is dealing with clients, managing employees, negotiating a prestigious contract, an entrepreneur must manage his thoughts and feelings appropriately and focus on keeping his thoughts positive. Our thoughts can have a great impact on the way we behave. An Entrepreneur is required to be at his best in any of the above situations.

NLP techniques will help you strike the right chord with the people you are dealing with. It will make your thoughts positive and communication and conversations effective. It is a known fact that when the leader thinks and talks positively, the organization and its employees absorb the positivity and performs better. They are motivated and work to give their best. Same with clients. Everyone likes a positive confident, purposeful and trustful person to do business with.

2. Helps Communicate Effectively:

Communication is the backbone of an organization. Since effective communication is vital for every business, using powerful NLP techniques to get your thoughts across to the others will change the way people think about you. Effective communication is a powerful strategy for successful entrepreneurship. Not only will powerful communication techniques help entrepreneurs get new clients, it also builds lasting relationships and helps in the success of the business. For an entrepreneur, this is a great advantage as NLP techniques can help you communicate effectively with yourself (motivation, right mindset, eliminating limiting thoughts, etc.) and with others to bring about business growth.

3. Builds Confidence:

Confidence is the key to success. A confident entrepreneur finds it easier to explore new strategies and look for new opportunities for their business. Their confidence reflects in their persona and the persona of the business. Although entrepreneurship can take a toll on many, and entrepreneurs can get bogged down by negative thoughts, bad experience or unsuccessful attempts, if they have confidence as their ally, nothing or no one can stop them from achieving success. It is therefore imperative that they replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. NLP uses strategies that will help them use their bad experiences to turn them into stepping stones for successes. Not just this, NLP strategies and tools are designed to Improve Focus, look for opportunities and meet challenges in the right manner.

NLP will train the mind to look for opportunities, instead of getting pulled down by hindrances. Since Entrepreneurship is a dynamic concept, it requires the adaptability and flexibility to embrace positive changes and deal with negative ones. One very inspiring example would be of when Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, had failed in his first start-up company, Xanga.
Instead of losing hope, he decided to start all over again from scratch. He adapted himself to the situations and worked his way up once again till he got a job at Google and later became the brains behind one of the most popular social media platforms used by us – Twitter.

An Entrepreneurs job is not easy. Successes don’t come easily and when they do it is a job to retain it, consistently. At the initial stages of an entrepreneur’s life, getting success is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with NLP creating the right mindset for you, the goals become achievable. Even at times when things look grey, the entrepreneur is so equipped with the necessary tools that dealing with the situation becomes a part of the ride. NLP and Entrepreneurship is all about behavior flexibility.

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