NLP training in Abu Dhabi

Why you should opt for an NLP training program in Abu Dhabi

An introduction to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the second-most populous cities among all the 7 emirates. In recent years it has been subjected to rapid development and urbanization, coupled with the massive oil and gas reserves. No wonder that Abu Dhabi attracts job seekers from all over the world who want to prosper in their lives.

Why NLP training in Abu Dhabi

But is prosperity attained just by getting an excellent job opportunity? Don’t you think it is essential to ensure that you are attracting affluence? Isn’t necessary that you are programming your subconscious for attracting positive outcomes in career and personal lives? If you want to prosper then NLP training in Abu Dhabi is just for you. It is all about programming your subconscious mind towards the Law of Attraction.

What is the link between the law of attraction and NLP training?

So, what is the Law of Attraction all about? The definition would be – You can be what you want to be. The simple technique is to be optimistic and attract positive outcomes in your life. Similar things happen when you opt for an NLP training program. The various modules will help you understand your mind power and the laws of attraction. It will help you think positively, generate positive emotions. This will ultimately help you out to attract good things in your life. If you think negative, negative is what you get.

If NLP is that simple then why to opt for its program?

It is not as simple as it sounds! The need is to understand the root of the problem. Why your thoughts are the way they are and how can you make them positive. The issue is people tend to think: Ok, well, I’ll create a positive vision and think about it for 20 minutes. I will bring my complete focus, say all the positive affirmations and I am set.

How can it be? You are spending 30 to 45 minutes saying positive things to yourself, but the rest of the day you are getting stressed out and speaking negative, having conflicts and unproductive thoughts. These can be about your work, relationships, kids and the surroundings all around you. If you keep doing this, then you are attracting more negativity towards you.

What our NLP training program in Abu Dhabi do?

NLP trainers of UV consultants will offer you all the necessary tools and techniques by which you can switch from negative to positive emotions. They will teach you how to set goals in a way that will light up your brain. The trainers will assist you to get rid of fears and phobias so that you can have a clear and focused path for yourself, without the hindrance of negating beliefs or actions. All in all, you can program your subconscious mind to look at yourself as well as your past, present, future. In NLP we call that dissociation.

What kind of preparation do I need before I attend the course?

The best part about NLP training by UV consultants is that you can come completely unprepared and without any predefined state of mind. If you still want, then reading something about NLP beforehand will not harm. But yes, it is best to learn NLP by a hands-on approach. Some institutes do provide audios in CDS before you attend their courses. And when they are giving you the actual content, then you will hear the same information again. This won’t help as NLP is all about interacting with the trainer, asking questions and seeing what happens at the same time. In short, our NLP training programs in Abu Dhabi do not require you to come well prepared. This is as we know the value of your time, and we would instead want you to use it on more important things.

Does NLP training program in Abu Dhabi need any specific educational requirement?

No, this course is for everyone. Whether you are a professional or a homemaker, you can opt for this training session with great ease and comfort. The benefit received will not only help you professionally but also personally. But yes, you should have a basic understanding of the English language. Other than this, 100 percent attendance is mandatory to reap its benefits.

Benefits of NLP

Once you get NLP training in Abu Dhabi, then you will acquire some specific abilities. These include increased self-awareness and improved self-confidence. You can effectively manage your time, be an excellent communicator and also exercise greater control. The participants have reported that after attending NLP training program in Abu Dhabi they have unleashed their creativity, enhanced productivity and are also motivated them to perform better. Also, it has helped them to sharpen their decision-making skills. Overall, you can learn the language of the mind and also train it even when it is in an unconscious state. The result will be executing actions in a better manner at a conscious level.

Will the NLP training program help me in my business?

NLP has profound usage in sales training, team building, and leadership development and employee management. Hence it can be easily said that if you attend any of our NLP programs in Abu Dhabi, then you will

  • Connect easily with the consumers
  • Become a charismatic and an inspirational leader
  • Create a compelling vision for your company
  • Be motivated towards goal attainment
  • Resolve situations of conflict with great ease and comfort
  • Coach your employees to attain the best performance

Is there any research study that substantiates NLP?

It is essential for you to understand that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not ascience or philosophy or theory. Instead, it is a useful rule of thumb that focuses on thinking and motivating people to do things they always want to do. There has been several research studies carried out on NLP. You can check on the internet for yourself.

Choose your NLP training program wisely

The Abu Dhabi market is full of NLP trainers who claim to teach the program online. But nothing can beat a live training session that is provided by a qualified staff who has successfully implemented the NLP techniques in their day to day life. Hence always opt for a live training session of NLP that is provided by certified professionals who have a good experience in the same. After all, you will never want to sit with a driver who has completed his driving lessons by taking an online course. Won’t you feel more confident with a driver who has experience in driving a real car and has received correct tuition for the same? The same applies to NLP as well.

Why choose UV consultants for NLP training?

Our trainers at UV consultants have more than two decades of international experience in carrying out NLP Trainings. Our lead trainer Mr Vikram Dhar is an ICF-Mentor Coach, Licensed NLP Coach as well as a Certified NLP Trainer. He is also an Award-winning Coach in Asia and has trained participants from UAE, USA, UK, Myanmar, Australia, Philippines, Kuwait and India. The focus of our entire team is on adding value to the individuals and corporates by assisting them in realizing their unique potential through NLP training.

What is an ICF accredited coaching institute for NLP training?

ICF or International Coach Federation is a non-profit firm who is responsible for regulating and maintaining the coach training courses that take place in over 140 nations. Several institutes provide NLP training without the ICF accreditation, but only the ones with ICF accreditation will provide you with the required knowledge. Usually, the courses offered by them are for a minimum of four days. If you have done a course from an ICF accredited coaching institute like UV consultant, then you will get an added benefit of getting the hours counted in your further studies.

In there any link between hypothesis and NLP training?

The hypnosis in NLP is Ericksonian Hypnosis that was modelled by Dr Milton Erickson. This is conversational hypnosis which he used to alter the mindset of his patients. Hypnosis is very important in NLP training. This is as the mind stores all memories, emotions and data about the outside world in its unconscious mind. We reach this part of our brain in our dreams. In NLP training, you learn to develop a rapport with others and open this part of the mind to communicate efficiently.

If you wanna learn how to utilize your conscious mind and program it to facilitate the law of attraction, then you should join our NLP Training in Abu Dhabi. This will surely bring a huge difference to your success quotient. I do recommend taking an NLP Training program in UAE where  Law of Attraction can be talked about, discussed and implemented in your lives.

Hope to see you there!

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