Affirmations have always been an integral part of NLP tools. People have started to understand the value that positive affirmations bring into lives and slowly this trend has become a part of mainstream success culture and way of living.

Affirmations are all about learning to win the mind game.  The crux here is, wanting to create the change in our lives. To make it better, to achieve all that we have set out to achieve. What stops us and has always stopped us – we ourselves! How? By allowing a scarcity mindset, our past experiences, limiting beliefs, conscious and sub-conscious conditioning, to control our minds,and will keep telling us we cannot do it. It never shuts up. Wemight tell ourselves – ‘I will be successful’;our sub-conscious will slowly peep out and say, ‘Are you sure? But, you failed miserably last time.  Do you have it in you?’. What we have to remember here is, these beliefs have been slowly and gradually built up by ourselves, our parents, people and circumstances in our lives and thus we have formed opinions about ourselves that will not be very easy to overcome until we are guided to change our limiting beliefs and replace it with empowering ones.

Our powerful inner voice is so conditioned to swerve into the negative, that though we want to be motivated and energized to achieve success, our self-talk automatically and un-consciously turns negative. It is an un-wanted inner radar that keeps pointing out to all our fears, insecurities, and general feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. This kind of negative self-talk is so strong and powerful that we prefer to believe it and give up. 

NLP strategies and tools shows us that this self-talk is not the complete truth and we have to stop believing everything it says. NLP enables us with the knowledge and understanding that most of these self-talks are inaccurate, exaggerated, and self-destructive.

Needless to say, our inner voice is not always wrong.  Since it speaks from both conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs, itis actually very helpful when it comes to reminding us of some circumstance or task that need our attention, more to do with tasks that we consciously want to carry out and is an effective way for the brain to interpret and process daily experiences.  It is also useful when the thoughts are positive, talking down our fears, thus bolstering our confidence at various instances.

NLP learning show us the way here. How to use affirmations in the right manner using powerful words, develop a winning mindset and ensure the affirmations getsus results.

Coming back to positive self-affirmations – we can also call it success affirmations –  because that is what we all want, we must learn how to first do away with the biggest obstacle that we have to face, right inside our heads – our negative self-talk.  NLP helps you build this awareness about its sabotaging behavior and can help reprogram our minds with positive and success behavior using various tools. One of them is positive affirmations for success. These affirmations must bedone consistently and properly to fetch the desired results. The words in the affirmations are so powerful, that it can prevent us from thinking in the nеgаtіvе and prevent us from sabotaging ourselveswith limiting beliefs.

Self-affirmations for Success – The HOW

It is simple enough – when you are saying the words, say it in present tense, and say it in a manner that what you are affirming is already true and in existence. The words we use are very important.  Using the wrong words can negate the results leaving us feeling confused and defeated.

For example – In order to attract good health, if we keep saying – ‘I am not sick’! (This is not a positive affirmation.  The ‘not’ brings negativity to the affirmation, thus disabling it from giving us the desired results.   Our sub-conscious, which already has a repertoire of negating beliefs, registers the ‘not’ in the sentence and picks up the negativity. NLP would teach you to say it like this; ‘I am healthy in body, mind and spirit’ or ‘Mу bоdу іѕ healthy; mу mind іѕ brilliant; my soul is at peace’.  It is like you are giving permission to yourself and the Universe to make it so and it responds accordingly.

Instead of saying; ‘For me nothing is impossible’, wecan say;‘I believe, I саn achieve anything I desire’.

Some Positive Affirmations that can add value to our lives and bring us back to power:(self-help-and-self-development success affirmations)

  • Everything that is happening now, is happening for my ultimate good.
  • I recognize every new challenge as an opportunity.
  • I am a success magnet andI attract success in whatever I do.
  • Being successful is my natural stateof being. I think only of success.
  • All my actions are aimed at reaching my goals. I achieve my goals one
    after the other.
  • I always spot opportunities andutilize them. New doors arealways opening for me.
  • I am in charge of my life. I always take the correct decision and that decision always leads to success.
  • The power is within me. I learnfrom the past, live in the now andplan for the future.
  • I realize that success is a result of right thinking and hard work.I excel in both.

Some extra tips to help us manifest our affirmations and journey towards success

Get Used to it.

Affirmations will take some time getting into the practice. Start small – maybe 1 or 2 affirmations like – ‘I enjoy doing my work. It gives me pleasure’.  Even repeating this, two or three times, will help us see our work witha new perspective.  Manifesting affirmations will take some time getting used to.

Keep Repeating it every Day

An action becomes a habit when it is done every day. When we keep doing something every day, we become better at it. The more we say it every day, the more it actualizes.  It’s said that a habit takes twenty-one days to catch on.  Repeat affirmations daily. Things start to change around us thus leading us to our desired experience.

BELIEVE that it will happen!

We must believe, believe and believe that we are worthy of receiving what we desire. It may sometimes feel like we are not telling ourselves the truth since affirmations are all about what we have not seen yet, about what we will receive in the future, disbelief could set in. Decide to feel worthy of receiving, and focus on it, starting right now.

Supporting our Affirmations

We must start living the success that we are affirming for, by surrounding ourselveswith people, places, experiences and lifestyle in alignment with our desires.This is like inviting, welcoming and accepting into our lives,what we are going to receive through our affirmations.

When we support our affirmations, it may come easier than we think. We must recognize opportunities and take necessary actions. Things fall into place, the right people and opportunities will show up, to help us progress towards it.

Success is an inner mind game. It is all about taming the mind to achieve what we want to achieve.  If we see ourselves as someone who achieves, we become that person. Theonly stumbling block that could stop us here would be ourselves and our limiting beliefs. One exercise that will help nullify the power and effect our limiting beliefs have on us can be, we саn rеmоvе and rеvоkе аll реrmіѕѕіоns  thаt we have соnѕсіоuѕlу or unсоnѕсіоuѕlу given, tо аll thе іllѕ and failures оf thе wоrld,  bесаuѕе then we ѕhаrе thаt раіn, and thus become a part of it.  When this is done we consciously, and subconsciously are better able to fill ourselves with more enabling thoughts and beliefs which will help us achieve whatever our mind sets out to achieve. It’s all in the mind; it’s all about the mind.

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