The Past is GONE – Release Yourself of It

NLP shows you HOW

“The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for us to live, and that is the present moment – so live in the present moment, wisely and earnestly” ………..Buddha

Right from childhood to whatever age we are in today, we face various situations and circumstances that leave a mark on the way we behave, think, trust, communicate and interact. If most of the occasions are positive ones, we carry less baggage and are able to move through life with a flow that a person, less privileged,would envy. But, if the occasions have left a negative impact on our lives, consciously or unconsciously, then our lives get into a different tangent than the one we should rightfully be experiencing and enjoying.  This happens to many, because more often than not, people have a tendency to live in the past – a good percentage of them.

What do people live in the past?

There is a difference between thinking about the past and living in it. Reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ isn’t a bad thing.  We all like to go back and think and remember many good or not so good incidents that happened.  It’s familiar and we know what happened, and many times it brings a smile to our faces and makes us feel warm and good. 

When it becomes a case of living in the past or always escaping into past thoughts, which puts a shadow on present and future achievements, it becomes unhealthy and can have many negative consequences. 

Find out if you are living in the past? Ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Does thinking about your past make you feel sad?
  2. Are you afraid of what your future might hold?
  3. Do you feel you are at a crossroad or stagnant in life which makes you feel frustrated?
  4. Do you cling to any particular period of your past when you were happy, energetic and successful?
  5. Do you feel that you will never reach that level of happiness, energy and success again?

The past is gone and there isn’t much we can do about it, yet we spend considerable amount of time thinking of the past, and often wish things could have been different and better. Of course, we have our reasons. For some, thinking about past happy events gives a sense of comfort whereas for others it is reliving some suffering that still causes emotional distress.

If we are ready to experience what life has to offer and make our life successful and meaningful, then whatever happened in the past, we can always decide to make the change, welcome and allow the process that will help to make this change into our lives, so that we can live a life that we deserve and cherish.

Let go of your past using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques

NLP shows you HOW to let go of past traumas using a simple, but Powerful Technique, to remove unwanted past memories and move purposefully and confidently into the future

“We are free, but are we, if we are prisoners of our own minds”…….Nimeno Prosper

Carrying the baggage of unwanted past memories will only weigh heavier and heavier if there is no closure.  The longer you carry something, the heavier it weighs you down. We link a number of past memories which become our identities, carry it around like medals, without understanding the harm it is causing us.

The Time and Timeline Therapy techniqueis a powerful NLP technique used by Master Practitioners to help peopleget rid of life’s baggage and create a positive change in their lives. Timelining is also known as “Rewriting your core story”technique.

NLP – Time and Timeline Therapy process in brief

1. Make a list of all of significant events in your life (significant to you).

2. Write how they are all linked – what do each of these events mean/say about you?

3.  Write out how the said events defined you as a person?

3. Capture the “core story” running through each of these events?

4. Core Stories have a tendency to keep showing up at various points in our lives. Check how does the core story show up even today?

     Note: Give thanks to the core story/stories for what it has bought into your life. Honor it and experience that it is valuable, accept and acknowledge what it has prevented you from being/doing, and what it has cost you.

5. Keep theimportant components of your core story aside, safe in the knowledge that you will still have the power to choose these behaviors and experiences even after this technique is done

6. Now you only have the un-resourceful residue of the Core Story remaining.  Now it’s time to eradicate and META NO your core story and it’s limiting definition of you.

7. Using NLP skills knowledge and access which can be gained from relevant training and coaching, amplify and apply your most powerful state of eradication/disconfirmation, your META NO, to the core story, by asking yourself these questions:

  • Does this core story bring out your absolute best?
  • Does it add value to your life and make it enjoyable?
  • Does it enable you to live out your full potential in the present?

8. As you apply your META NO to your core story, representationally let it go. To give you a more complete feeling, scrunch up what you have written down and throw it into the fire.  Watching the flames engulf the ball of paper visibly,gives a surge of power and instills a sense of confidence that things are going to be better.

10. If you are ready then, rewrite your life script and welcome in (META YES) new and more resourceful meanings of your own choosing about the events of the past.

Complete this technique and your representations of the past are free to disappear like smoke into the sky. It is very important to let go of long held negative emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors. Re-energize your emotional intelligence and vitality and move forward, overcoming any possible blocks that might get in your way.

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