Certified Wellbeing Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

6, 7, 8, & 9 June 2024 | 9:00 AM – 05:00 PM

An ICF & IAPCCT approved program

Program Overview

This ICF & IAPCCT approved “Certified Wellbeing Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner” program is designed to provide evidence-based mindfulness tools to promote mental well-being and resilience.

This experiential program offers a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness practices, and the opportunity to develop self-regulation skills.

Why Attend

The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which an individual can realize his or her own potential, cope with normal life stresses, work productively and fruitfully, and contribute to her or his own community.

Our minds play an important role in achieving happiness. We place a high value on physical wellbeing while overlooking the fact that mental wellbeing drives physical well-being. We fall short of our goals of learning long-term tools for developing and improving our minds, which benefits our physical health.

This certified program’s goal is to take learners on an experiential journey through evidence-based mindfulness tools. Using these tools can provide significant benefits in your personal life. This certification will be extremely useful in your coaching practice, allowing you to help your clients cultivate well-being, deal with setbacks, increase self-awareness, and become happier.

This program also helps you to get trained and certified to become “Wellness Ambassadors” within your organization.

Program Benefits

Understand the four essentials of Mindfulness

Understand the nature of the mind and suffering

Understand the nature of emotions

Learn the art of Self-regulation

Learn techniques to unwind, let go and calm the mind

Importance of self-compassion to handle setbacks

Loving Kindness is a path to harnessing wellbeing

Mindful eating and nourishment

Learn all the essential Mindfulness practices

Get trained to be a Wellbeing Ambassador at the workplace

Reduce stress and increase wellbeing

Guidebook to retain the learning

Understand the ICF coaching framework

Bonus Benefit


to attend the ICF Coaching Lab with Mr. Vikram Dhar (ICF Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach)

Registering for this “Certified Wellbeing Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner” program (June 2024 Batch) also allows you to gain a complimentary pass to attend a special learning session (ICF Coaching Lab) with Mr. Vikram Dhar, which will be conducted via Zoom.

To learn more about Mr. Vikram Dhar

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Who should attend

This program is ideal for professionals, coaches, and anyone interested in promoting well-being and resilience in themselves and others.

Program Content

This ICF & IAPCCT approved program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance individuals’ overall well-being and cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Inward out happiness
  • The need for mindfulness
  • Mind-body-speech at ease
  • The three essences of the practice
  • Understand the ICF core competencies
  • Group Self Compassion practice (Developed by Stanford School of Mindfulness)
  • Self-Compassion Mindfulness Quiz
  • A guide’s voice
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful walking
  • Open presence
  • Awareness
  • Getting to sleep practice
  • The union of stillness and motion
  • Exploring the nature of thinking
  • Mindfulness of the mind
  • The union of stillness and motion
  • Getting to sleep practice
  • Awareness
  • Open presence
  • Mindful walking
  • Mindful eating
  • A guide’s voice
  • Self-Compassion Mindfulness Quiz
  • Group Self Compassion practice (Developed by Stanford School of Mindfulness)
  • Understand the ICF core competencies
  • Learn to frame an effective coaching session with clients
  • Understand coaching ethics, guidelines and standards as per the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Understand the distinctions between coaching, consulting, psychotherapy and other support professions
  • Understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health or other helping professional

Certification | Investment


1. “Certified Wellbeing Coach” – ICF approved (10 CCE hours)

2. “Certified Mindfulness Practitioner” – IAPCCT approved.

(Certificates will be issued from IAPCCT & NLP Coaching Academy. NLP Coaching Academy
holds the formal ICF Accreditation.)

AED 3500/-


AED 3900/-


AED 4900/-


Meet the Trainer

Mr. Nitten Mahadik

Nitten comes with over two decades of experience. He has been a Mindfulness practitioner, trainer & coach for more than a decade and has conducted Mindfulness based workshops for corporates, the education sector, and NGOs. He is also a certified SIY Teacher (www.siyli.org). SIY offers Mindfulness courses in over 50 countries. Using Mindfulness and theatrical skills, Nitten has coached people to achieve well-being and enhance their Impact and Influence. A trained actor from Jeff Goldberg Studio, Nitten has delivered more than 100 performances. His humorous, narrative style and examples keep his audience highly engaged and involved in the learning process. He is a ‘People Enabler’ who has trained more than 40,000 people in various organizations and has addressed over 20,000 people through his public programs. Using Mindfulness, Nitten has developed and delivered be-spoke workshops for clients on Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change and Improving Resilience and Well-being. The emphasis of his workshops is to help people learn specific tools and apply the learning in their day-to-day life.