Leadership Development Training

Lead Yourself and Others towards Excellence

Increase your Impact as a Leader

Leadership is about having a clear vision, and planning how to effectively achieve that vision. NLP Training Dubai’s Leadership Development Training is designed to give you the skills to communicate and give feedback effectively, to enable your team to perform efficiently and move forward.

In many Corporates today, NLP plays a pivotal rule in Leadership Development with many organisations wanting to make it a vital part of their Management Development programs. A key tool of our Leadership Development program is the ‘Meta Mirror’ process where Critical skills for developing increased self-awareness are internalised with the help of an action plan. This method helps leaders step back from their current state and see things from alternative perspectives. A very powerful tool which helps Leadership level professionals to step in and out of their zone and get an outside-in perspective of a given situation to come up with right methods and decisions.

Benefits of this Program:

Professional who perform leadership roles and other people in management positions who have day-to-day responsibilities for motivating their Team would definitely benefit from this Program. However, businessmen, entrepreneurs and even self-employed people could use these skills to make you better and more effective at what you are!

  • Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to impact real-world business challenges
  • Find innovative ways to motivate and engage your team
  • Create a united workforce to take up any challenge and excel
  • Gain employee commitment and trust
  • Negotiate effectively with internal and external clients
  • Meet and surpass organizational objectives
  • Enjoy tangible personal improvements