Hypnosis & NLP – Two powerful tools to create transformation. One can just imagine, if both are used as a combination, what would be the outcome and how it could become drivers for positivity and success.

It is a known fact that human beings are creatures of habits.  Human behavior, if recreated day in and day out,turn into habits, which later becomes an automatic way of living. It is quite addictive. For some, especially those disciplined, these will,at most times, be positive drivers for success. We can also call them enabling behaviors. The negative aspect is, if the habit is a destructive one, the impact and end results can be quite drastic. 

The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend – Henri Bergson

So why not help the eyes and mind with winning habits that would go a long way in enabling success?  From childhood to adulthood, our neural pathways will have been cultivated with various behaviors. Some of these are enabling, whereas some may be limiting. We don’t know the origin of these behaviors.  Various incidents could have triggered certain behaviors, nor do we know the precise nature of its mechanisms. What we should delve upon here is, whether the behaviors we have accumulated are the ones that would make us successful in life or are they limiting us?

One way and clearly the most effective way to do this is through the synergy of hypnosis and NLP brought together. Hypnosis can help to break limitingbehaviors by working on your beliefs and helping them to change.  As your behavior is governed by your habits, NLP has techniques that canchange these habits which reside deep in the brain’s neuro-psychology and neuro-pathology and replace it with enabling habits or alternate enabling behaviors.  But a word of caution: success is only enabled when the new enabling behaviors are converted into habits, else it’s quite likely that your first notion will be to fall back into old ways the minute you feel challenged. How and why does this happen? After this particular activity is conducted, there is always a honeymoon period when the participants experience new behaviors and ideas and use it for the first time. Because of their enabled behaviors there is a surge of positive responses from the world around which can give the participant a high giving him a feeling that the situation will always remain the same. At any point they encountersomedifficulty or a challenging situation, they could fall back into their old ways. In such times, you need to see the situation broadly.Pace yourself and don’t be rushed into doing just anything.  Anyone who is able to do this, can get past the hurdles and pull success into theirlives.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.  During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration and an increased response to suggestions. Hypnosis usually begins with a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestion. Hypnotism was normally used for therapeutic purposes, like pain management, trauma management and was referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”.

Having experienced the success of Hypnosis in various treatments and how people have responded to suggestions, it is now being used to not only treat but also to change mindsets in order to enable people to live a more fulfilled lives. 

What is Self Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a process of a self-induced hypnotic state.  Here, the subject “plays the dual role of suggester and suggestee”.  The nature of the auto-suggestive practice may be, at one extreme, “concentrative”, wherein “all attention is so totally focus on the words of the auto-suggestive formula, e.g. ‘Every day, I am becoming more and more successful’ that everything else is kept out of awareness and, at the other, “inclusive”, wherein subjects “allow all kinds of thoughts, emotions, memories, and the like to drift into their consciousness. Getting into an extreme meditative state is one form of self-hypnosis.

What is NLP?

NLP is a science of understanding how people organize or map their thinking, feeling, language and behavior to produce the results they do. NLP provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by successful people and use it intheir personal development and for success in business. A key element of NLP is that we form our unique internal mental maps of everything around us, filter and perceive information absorbed through our five senses, and form opinions and behaviors around it, based on the information we have. Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools can help filter, reveal and instill the kind of communication that matters most – on the inside and out.

Benefits of this SYNERGY?

  • Install in your mind new beliefs and enabling behaviors
  • Helps get rid of disabling behaviors and habits
  • Helpprepare yourself with a positive coping strategy for times you encounter something complex
  • Creates a platform for healthy relationships
  • Creates accountability for yourself, your actions and to your work
  • Creates transformation, from a confused person to an extremely confident and successful one
  • Elevates self-image while lowering stress, anger, anxiety and fear

Deeper benefits

  • Gives you a whole new personality, communication abilities and confidence that make people sit up and take notice.
  • Removes trauma and other blocks from your past without or with minimal re-experience of the cause
  • Helps you get unstuck by removing fear and uncomfortable feelings associated with achieving the happiness you deserve.
  • Become more aware of your unconscious mind and learn how to speak directly to another person’s unconscious mind using embedded commands

Use ofthis combination therapy, can help people remove unwanted emotions and restraining beliefs about themselves. More still they can wipe out limitingand uncomfortable events of their past which keeps them prisoners. This is incredibly powerful because many fears and anxieties are reinforced throughout a person’s life. After the negative feelings are removed from a person’s timeline, they can replace them with positive mental resources. These therapies are used by influential people, worldwide and is the reason that has enabled a success attitude in many.

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