Want to create Excellence in Life & Leadership? Go get a Coach

excellence in life & leadership

Observing people around me, is a favourite pastime of mine, since it teaches me a lot about human behaviour. I was waiting at a Café, sipping hot coffee, indulging in my favourite pastime, whilst waiting for my friends to join me. I noticed two friends having a conversation about their life goals. One of them was sharing how the appraisals this time was not favourable for him and about wanting to quit his job. As the conversation progressed, he started discussing about the problems going on in his life and how his life has turned into a complete mess…… Boy! This guy had serious issues.

I turned to look at the other guy who was calmly listening to him. It looked to me that he was some kind of a Life Therapist or maybe a Life Coach. There was some interaction and charting going on out there. Leaving them to their interaction, I slowly took my thoughts to a time, when I was in a similar position, roughly two years ago. At the crossroads of my profession, not knowing what to do, my professional, and personal life needed some serious introspection and alterations. I was lucky that my well-wishers suggested I seriously consider having a Life Coach. Well, here,I won’t share how opting for a Life Coach changed the course of my life. But, I definitely will write about the importance of having a Life Coach and the difference it would make, to have someone guide us, through difficult phases of our lives, especially in our professional decisions, business decisions.

There are two types of interactions one can have with coaching. The first is:

One-to-one Coaching.

We all need that extra push to do things we are likely to procrastinate about, and never get done. But which is important for our success. This could most often be, due to the mind-set we have developed as human beings to always put away things for tomorrow or afterwards, especially where mammoth tasks or decisions are concerned. Having a coach will help us get into the mind set of understanding the importance of being in the present, of being in the ‘NOW’. A coach can help us, to not only write down our goals, but to also get into the right mind-set and will suggest the right way to achieve it in a timely manner.

The Second is:

Group Coaching

This type of coaching is extremely beneficial for organisations, since it is time and cost effective and brings in the desired results. This type of coaching, basically focuses on goal setting, time management, action, accountability and awareness around key issues. Group coaching taps on the collective wisdom of the group and fosters collective insights to various learnings and solutions.

I am Stuck? It’s bothering me? How can a Coach help me?

Coaching is a guidance process in itself. The coaching process creates an environment, where you will know and understand yourself, and the world, in order to make informed decisions pertaining to your life or your career. Coaching targets on specific areas to ensure optimum results especially in the areas of what motivates you, tapping on your interests, personality traits and skill set. It is a choice that will make your life more meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding. As truly quoted, “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s more often about helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – John Whitmore

Unfortunately not everyone takes up coaching when required. Maybe due to the cost or some other reasons. That is why, so many people end up taking jobs that are not of their liking, leaving them bored, dissatisfied and unhappy, throughout their lives. This is where the requirement of a coach is utmost required. Organisations must understand the importance of having willingly engaged personnel, as only they will share the vision you have for your organisation and work towards achieving it. This engagement will happen only when the organisation works towards bringing about the professional fulfilment the employee is looking for, in terms of career and growth. What better way than to engage a coach? Let’s look at all the possibilities and benefits coaching would bring into an organisation.

Coaching: An Important Aspect of Leadership

Where leadership roles are concerned, it is even more important, in fact mandatory, to have a knowledgeable person, guide you through various stages in the process, so that the end benefit would be person and organisational fulfilment.

As you progress in your career and begin to transition into leadership roles, one thing becomes crystal clear, it’s no more about you. It’s about the performance of your team, and the overall organizational efficiency to be achieved.

In today’s competitive era and highly volatile markets, coaching plays a vital role in appreciating the right talents which greatly contributes in organization’s growth and prosperity. Especially in the leadership bracket. Senior Managers and Executives feel much valued, when organizations offer them the opportunity of getting coached, where they can speak about their problems, get feedback and suggestions about achieving critical results which will enable them to stay at the top. Coaching offers results that are measurable and significant, both in quantity and quality, which in turn maximises ROI.

Another key component of good coaching is identifying talents and hidden potential in team members, and properly leveraging them for the growth of the company and the member’s career.  Finding and developing the right talent, is one of the most important jobs a leader takes on as the future of the organization depends on it. Coaching can help the Senior Managers and Executives achieve this.

Measurable benefits of Coaching in Leadership:

  • Identify core strengths and areas of growth
  • Identify areas of improvement and behaviours so one can work to change them
  • Identify personal issues and problems that could act as a barrier, impacting work life
  • Helps in finding the root cause of problems and removing them once and for all
  • Help make most out of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience
  • Helps make life healthier, happier and stress-free
  • Builds positive people
  • Return on Investment

A good coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are.

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